'Round the back of the main hall - the side that is both protected by a beautiful stand of pine and only steps from the water's edge - Reuben Gutenberg has set up his print shop, Coalesce Press. He thought this location, in particular, would afford him the most access to the community news; the hall is always a hub of activity. But Reuben doesn't trade in gossip. Instead, he prefers to focus on stories that are educational and supportive. This position surely stems from his sweet, thoughtful, empathetic personality.


He is so sweet, in fact, most would never guess that he is a porcupine. In his entire life, not one quill was raised, not even one, not even a whisper of an inch. And with his empathy comes an intrinsic ability to communicate and connect with others. Within minutes of meeting, Reuben inevitably has everybody happily sharing their lives and their dreams. He then heads back to his shop with his cahier pages full of inspiration and begins crafting his articles. The intention behind each is a hope that by learning about others, with understanding and compassion, we learn a little bit more about ourselves.


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    4.25" x 5.5" Note Card, blank inside, with matching envelope in protective cello.

  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled fibre paper, Green Seal and Forest Stewardship Council � certified. Central & Gus donates a percentage of gross sales to animal welfare.