Bob Washago Manatee owns Upcurrent Marina, located in the Keys on beautiful Holiday Isle, about five fathoms from the water�۪s azure surface. The Florida sun radiates through the ocean's currents, pooling in this very spot, allowing him to work on the belly of his seafaring projects with ease in its lambent light. To create ambiance, and because his nature is utilitarian, the marina was built from the hulls of centuries-old local shipwrecks. Over the years, it�۪s become almost hidden, and now nestles within a vibrant reef that has given new life to the worn metal.


Some come to Upcurrent for repairs, restorations, and modifications, while others just come to ogle all of the beautiful watercraft. Bob moves at a steady-but-mellow three knots; and, when not working on a boat, can often be found napping on the ocean�۪s sandy floor, buoying himself every fifteen minutes or so to catch a breath before slowly descending again, as manatees do. But Bob�۪s deliberate, steady pace always gets him where he wants to go and, often, that is right where he is. He never fails to echo this message to his customers as he hands back their keys: ���slow down and, every now and then, drop your anchor�۝. Some think he�۪s just talking about the boat.

Note Card: BOB WASHAGO Manatee

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    4.25" x 5.5" Note Card, blank inside, with matching envelope in protective cello.

  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled fibre paper, Green Seal and Forest Stewardship Council � certified. Central & Gus donates a percentage of gross sales to animal welfare.