Gambol Azimuth Long Snout Seahorse by definition means, 'a joyful movement guided by celestial bodies'. She loves her name; for as long as she can remember, its meaning has occupied her thoughts. It was a beautiful gift given to her by her parents but, almost intentionally, one where the figurative batteries didn't come included. Perhaps it would enrich the gift all the more, they thought, if Gambol had to actualize it.


    She remained though, along with all of the other seahorses, fixed in a small sand-bottomed bay. With only her one tiny fin to act as rudder, and a should-be-vestigal prehensile tail acting as a tether, she was docked in the shoreline reeds. This, by Gambol's estimation, is something the species should have long since evolved beyond. Why, there was an entire ocean to explore...


    Growing ever more driven and empassioned, and as if the universe had been listening, Gambol spotted a pastel-hued toy pinwheel floating on the water's surface. She wondered if she could remodel it into a motor of sorts, to safely propel her through the great blue yonder.


    Stretched to the opposite end of the stick, she attached an old elastic band she'd found along with bits of surface detritus, essentially creating a secondary paddlewheel to propel her forward, and she hung on tight. It worked, it really, really worked! With barely time to call out, "I'll be back by moon-tide" to family and friends, she was on her way. Affording directional control by canting the stick this way and that, she was able to lean into her adventures and always return safe and sound for the night.


    Gambol cherishes her pinwheel-motor. It gives her freedom and possibility; and the opportunity to explore, learn, grow, and become. It is as if the power generated by the little propeller she had built put the metaphoric batteries into the gift her parents had given so long ago. She is now able to experience all that her name inspires. She is now able to experience her Self.


    Portrait Study, 9” x 12” with backer board in protective cello. 


    Accompanying the Study on a separate sheet is a whimsical tale of the animal featured. Entirely collectible, the stories intertwine, creating a much-loved community of characters.


    We print on Canson® Infinity Arches® Aquarelle Rag luxuriously thick 310 gsm, 100% cotton paper. This archival, matte paper with a felt-marked finish and even natural grain showcases crisp detail and vibrant colour.   It is mould-made by master papermakers using one of the world’s few remaining cylinder mould machines.  The company has been making very high quality art papers such as this since 1492.


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