When Dorothy Melville Eastern Garter Snake first moved into town, there was a bit of an ���adjustment�۪ period. As snakes don�۪t use sound to communicate, no one in town quite knew how to connect with her, nor she with them. She is not quite sure how many townsfolk she inadvertently snubbed as they said hello or wished her welcome. Rather, she was left feeling isolated and lonely. She spent her days tucked in her burrow, pining to make some friends, but lost on just how to do it.


Little did she know that someone else had been puzzling, too. Hank Wythenshawe Canadian Lynx, head of the town�۪s welcoming committee, thought he�۪d finally found a way. If hearing wasn�۪t Dot�۪s keen sense, perhaps a tactile hello? He headed down to the general store and right over to the candy department, where he purchased the entire jumbo jar of assorted gum balls and tied a little note around the neck. Ringing the doorbell out of habit, he left them on Dorothy�۪s front step with fingers crossed. A day or two passed before Dot ventured out again but, as she did, she was absolutely delighted by the surprise. Without hesitation, she slithered into the jar, coiling and noodling with glee. Weaving through the gum balls felt like a thousand little hugs, and was the sweetest hello she could receive.


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  • 8" x 10" Art Print, signed, with accompanying character story on separate sheet, in protective cello.

  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled fibre paper, Green Seal and Forest Stewardship Council � certified. Central & Gus donates a percentage of gross sales to animal welfare.