Motivational Poster, 11” x 14” with backer board in protective cello. 


    Accompanying the Poster on a separate sheet is a whimsical tale of the animal featured. Entirely collectible, the stories intertwine, creating a much-loved community of characters.


    We print on Canson® Infinity Arches® Aquarelle Rag luxuriously thick 310 gsm, 100% cotton paper. This archival, matte paper with a felt-marked finish and even natural grain showcases crisp detail and vibrant colour.   It is mould-made by master papermakers using one of the world’s few remaining cylinder mould machines.  The company has been making very high quality art papers such as this since 1492.


    We donate a portion of gross sales to animal welfare.


    Brutus Bangor Cat - often affectionately referred to as Brutus Beefcake due to his adorably stocky stature and unexpectedly charming personality - has made his home the upper storey of the WJ Meadowvale General Store.  Most days are spent on the shop floor where he greets customers, chatting while they peruse.  While he thoroughly enjoys this social time, by evening he is ready for some solitude.  


    As he hears WJ lock up for the day, Brutus climbs the stairs, opens the top drawer of his highboy and pulls out a hefty velvet sack.  Within are myriad rainbow-hued cat's eye marbles.  His equally velvety paw dips into the bag, plumbing for the one ginormous among the hundreds.  Once found, he sets it at the end of the long strip-wood floor hallway, centred, and takes fifteen paces back.  


    While Brutus might seem a stay-with-the-routine sort of cat, his mind is constantly working on dreams, goals, plans. He believes life is less like a box of bonbons and more like a sack of marbles.  Gazing down the hallway, he crouches, closes one eye, aims to negotiate around any obstacles - including, as the evening goes on, the growing number of already-shot alleys - and launches one at his target.  As it is rolling along the floor, Brutus recognizes that even the shots that don't meet with success aren't failures.  They are simply experience toward the next endeavour and, with perseverance, all goals are in the bag.