Every year, just as the wakerobins are pressing through the snow, Bailey and Sapphin Wicklow Eastern Cottontail Rabbit get to work.  While some migrate, many hibernate; rabbits do neither and can measure the days of food stores to the ever-changing length of the season.  Knowing many wouldn�۪t have the provisions needed to make it through if there was one last squall ��� or worse, one after that ��� Bailey and Sapphin determined to do something about it. 


Crafting treats so delectably knee-weakening that one needs to sit down to eat them, the duo�۪s confections just as equally provide nourishment from the healthy fats, medicinal herbs, and nutrients they�۪d harvested during the fall.  They press the ingredients into little egg-shaped moulds, then wrap the bonbons in pastel-hued foil.  Eggs are the perfect conveyance, they thought; a symbol of spring, renewal, and healing. 


Their Aunt Florence Williamena Snowshoe Hare, the town post-mistress was willing - under cover of the night as it was considered moonlighting - to deliver the bunnies�۪ homemade gifts to the families in town.  She leaves a little package at each doorstep and invariably, in her haste, scatters the contents across the snow.


The whole thing quickly became a game, with Florence becoming an unwitting urban legend.  The kids of the community look so forward to waking from their long winter�۪s nap to go hunt for the eggs, maybe catching a glimpse of a tail disappearing into the woods, or finding a footprint or two in the drifts.  Bailey and Sapphin even created a rabbit-shaped locum to throw the youngsters off the trail.   Of course, it has also developed into a wonderful tradition for the two.  Happily tasting as they go, they are thankful that the sugar rush doesn�۪t leave them with any ill effects...except that one rogue photo of them gleefully dancing the bunny hop with their confectionary doppelg�_ngers.


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  • 8" x 10" Art Print, signed, with accompanying character story on separate sheet, in protective cello.

  • Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled fibre paper, Green Seal and Forest Stewardship Council � certified. Central & Gus donates a percentage of gross sales to animal welfare.